Ideas to Concrete Propositions in 48 Hours

We were approached by a major Logistics company that felt it was losing out in the small business market and wanted to improve their offer via innovation rather than price. They had formed an internal Innovation Team and this had generated a lot of initial ideas but they were at a bit of a loss as to how to move forward.

The Innovation Team were very keen to remain involved through the next stage of the process, so they agreed to set aside two days to take part in our Fusion Day process which someone had recommended to them. Fusion aims to inject some energy into the internal process and move companies significantly along the NPD journey in a short space of time.

Day 1 began with a review of where they had got to so everyone was on the same page (never as straightforward as it sounds!). The rest of day one was comprised of a series of workshop sessions with the Innovation Team members interacting with a range of small business owners and eBay sellers assessing the potential appeal of their initial ideas.

The second day started with the identification of the 6 most interesting ideas. These were then allocated to sub-teams who had to work them up into full concepts (describing both the logistics as well as customer benefits). Another set of customer sessions were then conducted where the developed concepts were assessed in detail. To give the session a bit of spice, we created a Dragon’s Den’ situation where the Team members responsible for each concept had to pitch it to the customers and try to get their buy in.

A final review session pinpointed 3 concepts that could be taken forward as work-streams within the business. The Client was delighted that they had got from a plethora of unstructured ideas to viable ‘products’ in just two days!

Six-months later one of the ideas was successfully introduced and did indeed help improve their performance in the small business sector!