Measuring Employer Brand Perceptions

Senior Managers of most leading brands have a very positive view of their company as a place to work. They tend to take it personally if there is feedback from HR that they are finding it difficult to attract good people!

Our financial client was starting to receive this wake-up call and was big enough to accept that maybe their internal view of the company was not necessarily shared by everyone else. Working with the Senior Managers and HR we helped them put together a wide ranging review that contrasted their self-perception with the reality of the wider world.

This process involved speaking to current employees at all levels about their work-life experience and then contrasting this with the perceptions of prospective employees – covering everyone from imminent graduates of top universities, through experienced analysts, to part-time call centre workers.

We also reviewed how the HR Department operated and the communication material it used to ‘sell’ the company. This was then used as stimulus for discussions with Recruitment Consultants to see how they felt this played in the marketplace.

Our findings required the Senior Managers to take a hard look in the mirror- which to their credit they did. Having embraced the findings, they could see that the solution was about the story they needed to tell and the way they needed to tell it. Because they did have a very successful company that was a good place to work once you were there but you had to get prospective employees past the slightly negative public perception of the brand!

Going forward, the style and content of the communication material was changed and the general tone of the approach to prospective employees was made less self centred and more engaging. This resulted in more applicants of the quality the company desired and more job offers accepted!