Understanding the ‘Moments Of Truth’ in Customer Relationships

A financial services company wished to know what service interactions their customers valued the most. The company wanted to understand the expectations and needs of its customers at each touch point to help them improve satisfaction and recommendation levels. Substance Qi’s moments of truth research programme enabled them to reach beyond existing performance metrics and get to the heart of exactly when and how the customer ‘weighs up’ (evaluates) contact with them.

All our programmes are collaborative and progressive. We learn together. In this instance the value and cost to our client of existing touch points was delineated through a co-creation workshop. We then recruited consumers (who were at) different points of interaction with the financial services company. Extended focus groups and paired depth interviews unpacked these interactions step by step. We identified where the customer believed they had ‘gained’ or ‘lost’ and tracked the consequent emotional response. The research helped determine what action (behaviour) staff should take to fulfill customer need.

On this occasion the reporting (articulating) of findings by Substance QI stressed the impact of real life customer events. Our presentation included a role play that we had filmed showing customer/employee conversations. From REAL life to REEL life you might say! We certainly caused a stir within the company about what really drives customer satisfaction and positive engagement.