User Experience – Online Purchasing – Financial Services

Our financial sector client was making their first move into Online Home Insurance and had made an initial attempt at a customer interface.  Their initial thinking was to go straight to Quantitative but fortunately they were persuaded to start with a few one-to-one depths where we could hold the respondent’s hand and members of the marketing team could observe the carnage!

As can often be the case in heavily regulated markets, the initial design was a disjointed amalgam of what the marketing team wanted and what the Legal Dept demanded. The result was that navigating the site and completing all the information was a nightmare for the average person.

Eventually after much revision, the website and the online process were assessed by a large sample of current and prospective customers.  The results in terms of easy to navigate – easy to complete – covered everything necessary – were extremely positive and the client now has a profitable online Home Insurance channel.

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