Face to Face Safari – Understanding Emotional Behaviour

Understanding Emotional Behaviour

The goal celebrations of Premiership footballers are eruptions of atavistic elation. All that shirt-removing, back flipping, jumping and punching the air. During post-match interviews players get tight-lipped and offer the blanket response ‘I was a bit emotional out there’ to any matters – be these derby rivalry, testimonial pride, or an unexpected substitution. Emotion is acknowledged as primary but in a catch-all way that leaves deeper feelings undefined. As professional sportsman they know instinctively the moment has passed. It is out there, on the pitch that matters.

At Substanceqi we don’t allow vital consumer reactions to pass us by. We are alive to the key moment in which consumers embrace or reject the offer. Senior managers in most sectors have a digitally derived profile of the customer, but reliance on hard, numerical data can lead to viewing consumers remotely like specimens under a microscope. The antidote is Substanceqi’s Face to Face Safari which takes your team on a trek to meet product-users in their natural habitat. The challenges, obstacles and triumphs that occur daily to your customer constitute the playing field upon which your product is experienced. We can’t guarantee you will be championed like a goal scorer, but we do believe you will gain insight into the importance of emotion before it is game over for another day.

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