The Shape of Things to Come – Management Reconnection

Management Reconnection

The final frontier has been making headlines: Major Tim Peake boarding and returning from the International Space Station; Major Tom (The Starman) ascending to heaven; Virgin Galactic unveils Spaceship Two. All reports that afforded the Apollo Moon Walk a footnote. Once the apotheosis of the Space Race, the black and white footage now deployed to add period colour. The future has a way of receding, becoming the past. In the rush towards the year 2000, the Millennium Bug threatened to detonate time amid the dotcom boom. Commerce adapted, the world didn’t end.

Millennials are coming of age in an always-on digital world. This isn’t news to them. A constant throughout your life is unlikely to be perceived as transformational. It’s just the internet grandad, get over it. Not all Millennials see the world through the lens of cutting-edge tech. The primary impetus for some Millennials may be emotional but they’re not looking to change the world. There are those that are more civic-minded. Instant intimacy with brand controversy on social media occurs independently of any imminent purchase. For other socio-economic groups, down-to-earth concerns like student debt, or the housing crises, are raucously expressed. Life can retain an analogue face.

In-person research is vital to understanding how tech related activities slot into a daily routine. Management Reconnection is crucial. Screen switching can be triggered by physical conditions, purchasing decisions prompted by a particular event. With RESEARCH SAFARI, we help management reconnection with customers through supported encounters at relevant locations, including in-home. Seeing your brand/product category in the field broadens your purchaser perception. The best way to grasp what is likely to happen is to move beyond macro comparisons with previous generations and go meet up with the future as it takes shape.

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