THINGS CHANGE : Things Can Only Get Better

The Secret Lemonade Drinker use to sing to the refrigerator. Now your Smart freezer may talk back to you. Are you trying to give up appliances or is it just one of those nights? As the Internet and the physical world get to know one another so consumer behaviour is changing. The information stream produced by The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable the systematic gathering of usage data. Customers are empowered to manage time and resources. A Smart car connected to online diagnostics is soon fixed, not on route to the garage.

The minds eye view of IoT is currently a blizzard of infotainment and funky wearables. When Wi-Fi coverage becomes ubiquitous many consumers, not merely the gadget-crazed, will have at hand a portal to the larger network. Potentially disruptive will be the connecting of homes to the wider urban realm. Electric cars could have the capability of Dr Doolittle: they talk to the traffic lights.

How to get your senior managers to understand the impact of IoT on the A to Z of a customer’s day? Persuade colleagues to get up close and personal with the customers. But the more senior you become the more your broad mind and narrow hips change places. The solution is SubstanceQI’s programme of re-engagement: RESEARCH SAFARI. Our clients accompany participants to relevant locations. This could involve joining the family during a car share (linking up with other users), or seeing in situ how Smart thermostats turn up the heat on traditional billing. Workshops take forward the surprises.

As the millennium approached the music industry got caught napping by Napster. Post-millennial times demand smash-the-mould research to steer past stereotypes. Households are not yet doing housework at midnight to benefit from the time of use pricing. One day you may catch the Secret Lemonade Drinker serenading with the dishwasher in the moonlight.

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