Collaborative Learning Fusion Day – Hands on User Experience

The Chill Hub (GE) is a refrigerator with USB ports and a Raspberry Pi. A plug-in scale keeps track of your jug of milk. Inevitably, it’s known as the Milky Weigh. At long last I can announce: a fridge you can raid at midnight without ruining your appetite! It is aimed at the developer community already conversant with customising tech to suit them. For other customers a fridge is just of those things to be bought for the kitchen. Not all consumers are hungry for Raspberry Pi with their Honey Monster Puffs: the lunge for the fridge door driven by a sweet-tooth, not Bluetooth

White Goods were once heavy durables with zero relationship to our home computing. The ‘information superhighway’ entered homes through an Ethernet cable. How might today’s Ordinary Joe respond to the offspring of the two? A SubstanceQI Collaborative Learning Fusion Day is a forum in which to stress test your just-thought-of ideas. Subject your innovations to the anxieties of potential customers who are on the cusp of the IoT revolution. If you are interested in new product cycles, but Joe is engrossed in the turning of his tumble dryer, a collaborative learning FUSION DAY brings you together for an interpretative hands-on experience. We help you get your heads round each other.

NPD teams are wary of freezing out end users. A washing machine that digitally optimizes water by sensing the weight of each load will be comprehended by some market segments. Purchasers may struggle to see the benefit of an internet-connected thermostat. Creative engineering must be understood by the buyer for ingenuity to achieve its purpose. SubstanceQI’s Collaborative Learning Fusion Day offers the opportunity to reshape ideas (including concepts and services outside of the technology sector) before moving to a formal research test phase.

Collaborate with potential purchasers of your product and then pitch to the consumer dragons. The heat is on when we ask them to put their money where your mouth is.

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