What We Do

Substance Qi is a face-to-face Market Insight Consultancy that fuses industry knowledge and intelligence with customer motivations and drivers

We have extensive experience across diverse markets including Finance, Utilities, Retail and FMCG

We are particularly good at NPD, Proposition Testing, CX, Brand Development, Corporate Reputation and Customer Acquisition & Retention

Known for our speed and efficiency we can complete smaller qualitative projects from proposal to presentation in two weeks!

With Director involvement at every stage of the process, we build relationships, inspire people and make research stimulating for everyone involved

Whilst a lot of our work involves building custom research studies we have a range of proprietary research approaches to specific problems, some of which are highlighted below. Just click below to find out more


User Experience Market Testing
Purchase Motivations Acquisition & Retention
Concept Development Cost Reduction
NPD Employee and Staff
Ideation Stakeholder Engagement
Co-creation Corporate Affairs
Advertising & Communication Supply Chain Efficiency
Image & Reputation
Customer Satisfaction
Packaging Innovation


Senior Stakeholders
Business Decision Makers
High Net Worth Individuals
Third Parties
The Affluent Grey Market
Traditional Consumers
The Underserved
Staff & Employees
Difficult to reach consumers